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RE: Introduce yourself here! - chinnutrader - 2017-05-03


I have traded in past almost 4 years back hoping to make quick bucks and then washed ashore with nothing in my account. I don't understand fundamentals. I have always been interested in technical analysis. However, market very harshly taught me that I knew nothing and was only celebrating some lucky picks.

Pretty soon, I stopped trading and after four years, the interest has come back. It probably never left.

I stumbled upon Stan's book and awed by the simplicity of the whole method. I read the book, but had a lot of questions. That is when I stumbled on this website.

This site is a library by itself with so many passionate contributors. Kudos to one and all.

I am just a novice in the field. I am still learning and have a lot to learn. I hope, I can do some meaningful contribution to the forum.

Good luck and cheers to all.


RE: Introduce yourself here! - SoCalGal - 2017-05-10


I have been trading and investing stocks, options, etc. for about 2 years with mixed results, mainly because I haven't used a system with a disciplined approach. I read Weinstein's book and it really spoke to me. It makes complete sense and is so simple. I'm hoping to learn from everyone and contribute as well.

Thank you IsaTrader for creating this website/blog. Your dedication is very much appreciated!

RE: Introduce yourself here! - Dolipranne500gr - 2017-06-06

Hi Everyone,

I'm a French and Young Fan of the Weinstein Method. I m just graduate from a French Business School.

I trade since 2014 but only since 2016 with the Weinstein Method. I've already look your charts. Some of them helped me a lot to boost my profits. The last one "88E" (today +14%) Smile

I mostly trade European Stocks (around 70%). I look forward to talk and share about these stocks !

Thanks to the administrators and main contributors. It's a great initiative Smile

RE: Introduce yourself here! - Luik - 2017-06-09

Hello Everyone!

My name is Luik and I just recently moved to the states to have what I couldn't have back in Ecuador. The possibility to have a good life and the opportunity to invest in the greatest place on earth.... the stock market!

I am so pumped after finding this forum and reading the amazing SW book of stage analysis. I am so blessed!

After finishing the tutorials of this forum, I scripted my own scanner to find the best possible settings of stage analysis.

I don't believe in backtesting, so I am planning to 10 fold my account in the next 6 months with my hard earned cash to see if my scripts and own opinion works lol.

Here are some stocks I bought recently.

Ratio: risking 1.04 or 18% to make 2.8 or 35%
Entry: $5.74
Stop Loss : $4.69
Shares: 8,000
1 Target = $6.75 and sell 50% of position
2 Target = $7.81 and sell remain 50%

Ratio: risking 3.24 or 11.80% to make 6.48 or 23%
Entry: $27.35
Stop Loss : $24.11
Shares: 1,820
1 Target = $30.58 and sell 50% of position
2 Target = $35.58 and sell remain 50%

Ratio: risking 4.42 or 13% to make 8.84 or 26%
Entry: $33.95
Stop Loss : $30
Shares: 1,472
1 Target = $30.35 and sell 50% of position
2 Target = $42.79 and sell remain 50%

Again, Thank you so very much isatrader for founding this amazing forum Smile


PS/ Sorry for my bad English Wink

RE: Introduce yourself here! - Luik - 2017-06-09

Forgot to add my current scan for the end of this week Big Grin



RE: Introduce yourself here! - badcharts - 2018-03-10


Just found this thread. Gonna repost my small introduction speech!


We have all been there.

I would most likely have ruined my nav if it wasn't for Stan.

Thanks for putting that in writing. I long time ago believed together, as a trusting team, could ofset these emotianal landmines. Stay true to the framework, as a robot could.

I did Stan's framework from 2007 to 2010. Not much support from the web back then, I had to rely on my relative small market experience to fully trust Stan's framework.

Later on moved to classical charting, keeping things as simple as possible.

I have unfinished business with Stan and refreshing my skills using this framework. Rereading the book, i see and notice alot of nuances and different views. Refreshing.

Now, in 2018, this active forum seems to be the gold standard for me to catch up and relearn.

Much thanks in advance to the creator, moderator and all actice participants for all the effort you guys put in to immortalize stage analysis.



RE: Introduce yourself here! - isatrader - 2018-03-10

Welcome to the site Patrick. Let me know if you need any help finding anything

RE: Introduce yourself here! - BarnabeBear - 2018-04-10

Hi Isatrader and the community,

I found this forum when trying to dig more on Stan Weinstein after reading his book. Did not find much except you !
Not an active trader per se, more of a long term investor who does not want any more to be on the wrong side of things when a major downturn occurs (like 2001 and 2008 which both hit my savings in the face, as at the time I was not really managing those). In this respect, I am more interested in Stan's chapter 8 which gives the big picture (and clues to invest in ETF/CFDs) than his 4 stages for individual stocks.

Anyways, too verbose : fantastic job in building up this forum ! I'm impressed with all the charting at disposal as well, as the SW Survey that grbaNT puts together (huge amount of work I reckon !). Happy to have found this place.


(ps my nickname has nothing to do with my current or permanent stance on stocks ! Just an old joke, but the nickname stuck)