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RE: UK Stocks - Watchlist and Discussion (Premium) - pcabc - 2015-01-16

(2015-01-16, 06:22 PM)isatrader Wrote: PHGP.L is the ETF of Gold in Pounds, and last week made a Stage 2A breakout, and continued higher this week, and is now testing the near term resistance from the top of the initial Stage 1 range high, before it made a lower high. Relative performance has broken above the newly rising zero line this week the cumulative volume shows a positive increase in volume since mid October. Attached is the weekly and daily charts.

Missed that - don't have that good a data feed for various ETFs. Thanks for the pointer.

There seems to be a recurring theme in continuations in REITs, BLND.L & LAND.L. I posted HMSO.L recently and the Investment Trust, SREI.L seems to be still going up:

Morrisons seems like it might be recovering? MRW.L

Experian breaking out? EXPN.L

Missed this one in an earlier post, KLR.L:

I note that over the past couple of days I note that I am getting a large increase in high scoring shares using my scoring system. It is hard to be very scientific about this statement because I am continually tweaking it. However, it is noticeable.

RE: UK Stocks - Watchlist and Discussion (Premium) - isatrader - 2015-01-17

I thought I'd show the UK priced silver chart as well, as it's highly correlated to gold, although it has much more volatility. UK priced Silver is currently recovering back into early Stage 1A, with a close back above it's 30 week MA this week and improving relative performance and so it could be time to start watching the UK listed silver stocks, of which the main one is FRES.L which has been basing in Stage 1 for the last year and held up much better than physical silver in the last breakdown silver breakdown, staying within it's Stage 1 base and making a higher low. So I think it's promising one to watch personally, as precious metals looks to be the early 2015 leading sector.


RE: UK Stocks - Watchlist and Discussion (Premium) - Tryst - 2015-01-19

(2015-01-04, 11:17 PM)isatrader Wrote: Just a quick note to say that has put data for the London Stock Exchange at the top of it's coming in 2015 list, so we could finally have the ability to post the same quality of charts that we do in the US threads and also it would give me the ability to do intraday scanning on UK stocks, and hence highlight Stage 2A breakouts and continuation moves during the trading day like I do on the US thread. So here's hoping that they do it.

That is great news! Keep us posted on this one.

(2015-01-04, 11:54 PM)isatrader Wrote: L, SBD.L

Just zooming out on this one and it can be seen that it had a very nice and long base. I guess it is how you view this, whether the base started back in late 2009, or whether it started in mid 2011. Coming out of that base around mid-late 2013 is the exact type of shares I want to be looking for. It shows some touches of the 150/200 MAs which give great trade ops for those with patience Smile A great breakout around March 2014 after hugging the 50 day MA which it then goes into what looks like a 6-8 month consolidation and waited for the long term MAs to catch up and then blasted off again.

Here is a question for you all: if you had a position in this UK share from sub 160, once it got into the stage 3, would you still hold, or would you move your money to another share that showed imminent breakout potential? So would you leave your position on with this share and the add at the touches of the 150/200 day MAs and the stage 2 continuation, or would you unload completely in the stage 3 and then come back in prior to the stage 2 continuation?

Technically a great chart example imv.

UK FTSE 350 Sectors Relative Performance - isatrader - 2015-01-19

Attached is the Relative performance tables for the UK FTSE 350 Sectors.

To see the individual stocks in each sector go to: and use the drop down menu.

FTSE 350 Sectors - Ordered by Overall RS Score


FTSE 350 Sectors - Ordered by Weekly Change


FTSE 350 Sectors - Ordered by Monthly Change


As a reminder, the daily UK watchlist picks can now be found in the Elite Members section of the site. To become an Elite Member please join via the one fee on the front page of the forum here: Premium Services

RE: UK Stocks - Watchlist and Discussion (Premium) - isatrader - 2015-01-19

A fair few for the UK long watchlist today - OMG.L, KGP.L, TAN.L, SDL.L, CINE.L, PLND.L, FIF.L


RE: UK Stocks - Watchlist and Discussion (Premium) - isatrader - 2015-01-20

A few more UK stocks for the long watchlist - JDW.L, IPX.L, TPT.L, TCY.L


RE: UK Stocks - Watchlist and Discussion (Premium) - isatrader - 2015-01-21

Only one extra for the watchlist tonight - MEC.L


RE: UK Stocks - Watchlist and Discussion (Premium) - pcabc - 2015-01-21

Lots of longs came up on my screener tonight. Here are the best ones:
Note that Friends Life is merging / being aquired by Aviva (Norwich Union in £sd) volume is very clear.

OK, Roche is German, but might as well put it here:

A couple of gold miners, Rangold Resources and Shanta Gold. Watch for the 6 month time-frame on Shanta: